The beginning of MySnack

As always, new ideas come to people through necessity. Healthy lifestyle and conscious healthy eating has always fascinated me. I was looking for an opportunity to change it into my hobby and make it a continuous lifestyle. Children want to eat snacks constantly and the idea to find something healthier and different than a simple potato chip was the motive and inspiration of my journey.

As I was expecting for my baby boy at the time, then all the heavy products were excluded. That is how I got to freeze-dried products that are both healthy and light. Now I have to thank the NASA team who back in the day invented the freeze-drying process, to significantly reduce the amount of liquid, and through that also the weight of fruits, and at the same time preserving all the vitamins.

That is how we chose these products and started maketing the freeze-dried fruits in Estonia. During the freeze-drying process vitamins and minerals are preserved and all the moisture is removed, which is why the snacks are lighter.

Soon enough we created and registered the MySnack trademark in Europe. We have a team of nutritionists who examine the ingredients of all the products and ensure that the products are healthy and suitable for the whole family. Products under the MySnack brand do not contain flavor enhancers, colorants or preservatives.

Some of the snacks contain a small amount of sugar which makes them crispy and delicious – a perfect snack! However, most of our snacks are completely natural , containing only pure freeze-dried products.Today you can find MySnack products in almost all the stores, kiosks, school canteens and other well-stocked places. We also operate in Finland, Sweden and Latvia, so even if you are travelling you can still find your favourite snacks!



Ellyt is headstrong, which is why we are always growing. Her goal is to find new and interesting products to enrich the delicious and healthy product range.


Estonian Snacks Culture promoter
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Kädi-Liis knows everything about food and nutrition. She conducts nutrition counseling for children, pregnant women, athletes, people who want to lose weight and anyone who wants it.


Social Media Manager
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Janeli is very positive and a great communicator. She makes sure that you find your favorite snacks in stores. If you know a place where our snacks should be, be sure to let us know.


Sales Manager
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